We help B2B companies counter customer churn without getting them involved in the race to the bottom.

It's up to 5 times more expensive

It costs five times more to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one.

+ 95% more profitable

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by up to 95%.

Up to 31% more total spend

Existing customers spend up to 31% more in comparison to new customers.

+ 60% probability of selling

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. New prospects? 5-20%.

Some of the companies we’ve worked with:

Churn is the silent killer

Churn is by far the most influential factor to a company’s survival together with profitability and the number of net new customers. While customer acquisition fluctuates month over month, churn is a constant figure. That means that as you grow, and your growth inevitably slows down, churn will eat at your margins making yearly growth harder while making your company an ideal target for market disruption.

Here’s what NOT to do

There are no winners in the race to the bottom.

Most companies start to rely heavily on discounting the repeat purchases of their products, eroding their margins while at the same time needing those very same margins to invest in a better customer experience. Meaning that customers remain “unhappy” and very prone to leaving.

New phone systems? New CRM?
New ERP? Temporary staff?

Companies often spend their entire budget on the implementation of new tools, software, and even temporary staff. While these “projects” certainly impact the baseline, they don’t always give the hoped for end result without a proven strategy.

Consider this before starting these type of projects:

Will, what we’re planning in itself, impact the customer experience so extensively that it will improve the perception our customers have of us as a company?

Not acting can cost you your business

Years ago people bought encyclopedias, perhaps you even have one on a shelf somewhere, but with the rise of the internet Wikipedia, a totally free alternative arose effectively putting an entire industry out of business. Now the competitors you’re facing today might not seem so fierce, but are you really willing to roll the dice on the future of your company?

Intimi’s framework can help you build customers intimacy, help you increase the perceived value of your product, and turn you into a winner both today & tomorrow.

What working with us looks like


Retention maturity audit

We’ve worked hard to compile an extensive audit that helps us to identify “drivers of churn” that exist in your organization, we’ll look at everything in your customer journey, every department, every process, every interface, and every tool that’s used to interact with your customers. And not only that, we actually go and talk to your current and (ex-) customers to check what their questions, qualms are when talking about your company, your products & your services.

Retention maturity report

After the audit, it only makes sense that you get a full situation report where the key areas of improvement are listed. However, we’ll also define for you a clear plan of action on how to prioritize these actions and what strategic changes you can make to the way you interact with customers to that actually make an impact.


(Guided) Implementation

With a clearly defined roadmap, you’re ready to start reducing your churn then and there, but of course, you can count on us to provide you with continued (on-site) support, you can count on our own team of implementation experts to help you realize your goals.


We’ve compiled the best practices of some of the biggest love brands known to man and put them in a step-by-step implementable framework to help you retain more customers.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Our consultants are already helping a lot of other B2B companies, just like you, to balance the cost-value equation while at the same time creating customer intimacy.

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